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Google Certified in Google Analytics

We have over 15 years of specialist SEO experience, working with small, medium, and enterprise customers to gain results and ROI from ranking highly in search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you gain more business from prospective customers using Google, Bing, and other search engines to find the products and services you are offering. The higher your website ranks in Google & Co., the more prospective customers you will attract, and the more leads and sales you will generate.

Sounds simple, and in theory it is, but practice is not so easy or straight forward – you need a digital agency with the knowledge, skills, technology, and experience to mount an effective SEO campaign which generates results.

Karl Hindle Gettysburg SEOWellspring Search LLC, the leading Gettysburg SEO company, was founded by Karl Hindle to deliver state-of-the-art SEO and paid search services.

As a company, we can help you leverage the web to drive more customers to your websites, and digital presence you may have elsewhere, such as on Social Media through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Getting to the top of the rankings in Google or Bing, means you will attract the largest slice of the search engine pie, enjoying more visitors to your website, and turning your online marketing into a revenue generating machine.

You do not need to be a big brand to generate profit from your website, because you can use SEO to dominate in your area or business niche. We are experts in constructing local SEO campaigns to allow small and medium-sized businesses get to the top of Gettysburg local listings. If you are looking to extend your geographical reach beyond Gettysburg, we can create an SEO strategy which will allow you to gain business from across the country, or from around the world.

We have gotten websites to rank highly and at #1 for both local and global search terms: don’t believe us, speak to some of our clients to see the results we generated for them!

The Wellspring Search term includes people with a variety of creative and technical skills, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-per-Click (PPC) e.g. Google AdWords
  • Social Media e.g. Facebook Ads
  • Local SEO citations and listings e.g. Google My Business, Yelp
  • Ecommerce optimization e.g. Volusion
  • Copywriting and web content, including Video
  • Web design and development e.g. WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal

Google AdWords certified in Gettysburg PA

Why Choose Wellspring Search as Your Gettysburg SEO Company?

  • We are experienced and have a successful track record with happy clients
  • We are local and based in the area
  • We are Google certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Video Ads
  • We are dedicated White Hat SEO practitioners using tried and trusted techniques for gaining rankings (we do not engage in poor SEO practices known as Black Hat)
  • We use state-of-the-art technology and software to analyze and create world-class SEO campaigns.
  • If you engage Wellspring Search as your Gettysburg SEO company, we will not take on another client operating in your business niche in the same locations – you will enjoy exclusivity from us and we will not work for your local competitors

Wellspring Search’s Three Founding Principles

Honesty          Transparency         Integrity

Honesty – you need someone who does what they say, actually gets the work required done to a high standard, and shows you

Transparency – we show what we are doing wherever possible or practical, and we will explain what and why we are doing or advising certain things in language you will be able to understand

Integrity – we are dedicated to deliver transparent results, leads and sales using ethical business practices delivered to high professional standards.

Our business goal is to make you, our customer, so delighted with the work and results we deliver that you will continue to retain us, and be a great source of referrals to other customers.

We will work with you, your team, and existing partners to help you leverage the most out of your marketing budget, both online and in the traditional arena. We know you have a choice of company to partner with for SEO and digital marketing in the Gettysburg area, but what makes us different is our passion for what we do, backed by technical and creative skills, all combined with a laser focus on delivering results for you and our customers.

Are You a Good Fit for Wellspring?

We value the services we provide, and not every business is a good fit for us because of how they operate, or because of the stage in their own development, or because of the business they are in.

We have three questions for you to ask yourself to see if you might be a good fit for Wellspring Search:

1. Are you an established business?
We only accept established businesses as SEO clients, which means if you are a start-up you should be looking at some of our other digital marketing services. SEO is only suitable for those businesses with a more strategic outlook, and the resources to sustain a campaign beyond the short-term.

If you answered, “Yes!”, please read on…

2. Are you already marketing yourself?
We do not expect you to have a marketing team or specialist in your business, but we do expect you are active in the marketplace and making sales. We will take the goodwill you have already created from selling great products and services, and help you generate even more happy customers online.

We take customer satisfaction and service very seriously, and so do you…

3. Are you selling pornography, get-rich-quick schemes, or similar adult-themed services?
We hope you answer “No!” to this one, and if so, you are the type of customer we are very interested in attracting.

Take the next step and contact us for a free consultation and discussion on how we can help you meet the challenges your business is facing.

Call (717) 648-8683 and find out how we can help you grow.

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